Home Remedies For Gastritis

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Gastritis is a common disease which is linked to an inflammation and excessive amounts of acid produced in the stomach. This ailment if accompanied by pains and discomfort in stomach, burnings sensation, heartburn and other symptoms. Gastritis can be caused by physical factors like taking certain medications, bacterial infections, bad easting habits or alcohol abuse, and psychological habits, like prolonged stresses and nervous tension, etc.

There is a variety of home remedies for gastritis, which include many herbs and plants, as well as natural products like honey and others. The most effective suggestions embrace using coconut water, potato juice, chamomile and ginger root tea with honey and lemon juice. Chewing a small piece of fennel or ginger root, as well as one-two pieces of cloves can bring a quick relief of the symptoms of gastritis, especially in the morning. Also, it is recommended to add to the daily diet the foods rich in natural fiber, like cabbage, fresh fruit, etc.

Besides, such natural remedies as licorice, spinach, carrots and artichokes can effectively calm down pains and discomfort associated with gastritis. Other herbal remedies for gastritis include peppermint, marshmallow, papaya seeds, Carom seeds, cardamon, fennel, basil and others which can be used for preparing special homemade remedies for gastritis. Some specialists can recommend adding to the daily diet such products as white vinegar and garlic, but those remedies should be taken with a great extent of carefulness because they can be harmful to many patients who have serious digestion problems, like ulcers.

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